Design Tips and Tricks to Help You Transform Your Loft

A well- designed loft conversion measure can be your trump card to attribute more value and some extra living space to your home. Here are some of the crucial steps to transform a rarely visited storage space to a part of the home you will love to showcase to the visitors.

Before you go ahead with the loft conversion regime, you need to have a perfect plan in place. It will help if you also have a transparent idea about the cost associated with the process. To accomplish this part, you need to consult an expert offering loft conversion in Dorking.

Key loft conversion design ideas

Often the awkward angles and the sloping ceilings typical of loft space might seem to be the most challenging element in the conversion process. It is a rather simple factor if you can intelligently design the layout. Here are some advises for you to attain the desired conversion by acting smart.

Opt for transparent materials

If you use a lot of transparent materials all over the loft, then they will let in lots of light, and that will create a sense of space eventually.

Put the stair on display

The staircase that leads to the loft covers a considerable part of the floor. So, put some effort to feature the stairs uniquely. A spiral staircase will great in terms of space savings. Another unique idea is to put up a bookcase under the diagonal stars. This would not only give you additional storage space but would provide a glimpse of your intelligent design approach.

Frame the View

The panoramic views tend to be a reason to be up in the rafters. So, go for strategically positioned windows to make the view nail the vantage point.

Make use of the original features

Make the most of the character of the property. Use the timber beams and the brickworks to your advantage.

Utilise every inch of the space

Never keep any space unutilised. The places with slanting roofs can be used as bathing areas requiring low head height, similarly, tight spaces as storage areas.

If you implement such intelligent design ideas in your loft conversion in Dorking, then the attic spaces can be easily transformed into stunning, dining areas, family rooms, and even offices.
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